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Billy and Jodi McDonald In the summer of 1984, I drove a large U-Haul truck over the Guadalupe River into New Braunfels with two kids (and another one on the way), my beautiful wife, a couple of dogs, and a lot of hope. I had already spent fifteen years in the construction business in North Texas, learning the business from the bottom up.

At the age of 20, I joined the carpenter’s union and went through a 4-year training program. I was employed by Crawford Painting and Drywall where I quickly moved up the ladder of success. During that time, I traveled to cities like Dallas, Waco, Oklahoma City and Wichita Falls, working on commercial projects of all types and sizes. One of my favorite jobs was building a Hilton high-rise in New Orleans, where I was supervisor. I loved the Cajun gumbo, but Texas has always been the place I feel most at home, so I headed back as soon as the job was finished.

“I learned a lot from working in the union. The quality of work was excellent, and I really enjoyed the slower pace. Being a supervisor made me a better listener. I understood that getting the best out of your employees meant that you had to recognize the good work they did. I still make it a point to compliment those who work for me. Encouragement goes a long way to getting a person to do their best. The guys that work for me are some of the best friends I’ve got. I have nothing but respect for them.”

In 1979, my twin brother, Phil, and I decided to go into our own homebuilding business. We worked as partners at Revel Skye Homes in Wichita Falls, TX. We learned the homebuilding business backwards and forwards--we did the framing, the roofing, installed insulation and sheetrock, laid tile, kept the site clean, and more, all in the best interest of those who would soon call the place "home." I use that same hands-on approach with the homes I build today.

I married my best friend, Jodi, in 1980. She was, at that time, a very successful owner of a popular flower and gift shop called Petal Pushers. She earned her certification through a floral design school in Denver, Colorado. Her creative eye for color and design played a huge role in the homebuilding business, and it still does today. Whenever my customers need a decorator’s skills, she is always excited to share all the latest thoughts and innovations. Interior design was taught to her through several generations on her mother’s side of the family. She later went on to get her B.S. in Secondary Education, and was a teacher at various schools, off and on. She is also a published author. She currently serves as office manager for our homebuilding business, but she continues to stay updated on all the newest fads and fashions of the day by researching, reading and touring all area home showings.

Most people thought we were crazy when we loaded up everything we owned and moved to South Texas. We didn’t know anyone—had no family in the area. It didn’t take long before all of us fell in love with the family-friendly atmosphere that defines New Braunfels, however. I walked into the bank and somehow convinced them to give me a start in my own business. They laughed at my North Texas accent, but decided to give this ‘ole boy a shot at it. I guess they figured if I had the guts to move my entire family here on a dream and a prayer, I was likely to have the determination and drive to find my own way. We started with building one home at a time, moving into it, and then selling it and moving to another. Yep…we’ve moved an awful lot during those first few years! The business quickly grew, though, and it wasn’t long before I no longer had time to build many spec homes. Custom homebuilding became my focus. Twenty-three years and several hundred projects later, Billy McDonald Homes is busier than ever.

“My favorite part of custom homebuilding is dealing with the people. Everyone has always said I’m a ‘people person,’ and maybe I am. I really get to know my customers after spending one-on-one time with them. I don’t build homes for my customers, I build homes with them.”

Building a dream home for my customers took on a special meaning to me. I had lived in many homes, and in many areas, and I learned what worked and what didn’t. I knew the importance of getting it right. I knew that most people don’t plan to move from that custom home, and so, they want it to be everything they ever dreamed. When people sit down with me to go over a plan, they look to me for direction and guidance. I immediately do everything I can to create a feeling of warmth, honesty, openness and genuine concern. When a client trusts me to build the home of their dreams, I feel an obligation to build their home as if it were my own. A great builder is an avid listener, and with the cooperation of all of us working as a team, we are sure to produce a quality product that reflects our dedication to excellence. Even though I stay very busy, I always make it a point not to overload myself with too many homes at the same time. If a customer is paying for my service, they deserve my full attention. Whether your home is a $200,000.00 home or a $2,000,000.00 home, I promise you will get equal time and attention.

I have been in the building business for nearly four decades now, and my experience and training covers everything from high-rise buildings to simple remodels to custom and speculative homebuilding. I bring years of experience to the table—offering my ideas when helpful, but always placing your vision first. The son of a hardworking plumber, I learned, early on, that earning a reputation of distinction comes from customers whose trust and respect are well-deserved. My training has enabled me to have more insight into exactly what goes into creating a magnificent home, and my clients are always impressed to see me on the jobsite not only in the role of a dedicated contractor, but also as an experienced carpenter.

“I love building in New Braunfels! I know all the inspectors and I have no problems with them. As long as a builder follows the rules—does things correctly—things go smoothly. I pride myself on doing things right the first time. I also love small town building because my suppliers and I know each other so well. Being a member of the New Braunfels Homebuilders Association keeps me familiar with the new businesses in town. They have been great to me and to my customers. Our trust in each other is mutual.”

When a customer employs my services, I bring with me skilled craftsman, professional suppliers and top-name subcontractors. I bring integrity, knowledge, innovation and attention to detail to every building opportunity. I stay informed and aware of the most recent technologies and trends in the business, and enjoy the process of discovering the personality and style of each and every unique customer. I’ll provide you with whatever it takes to make the final product something you’ll be proud to share with family and friends.

“I never go onto the job with the idea of meeting customer expectations…I strive to exceed them. This is, perhaps, why my biggest marketing tool has always been the testimonials of former and current customers.”

Billy McDonald Homes is in the business of building satisfied customers, and the foundation of our success can be summed up in one simple word—you. There isn’t anything fancy about getting things right. It just takes enjoying what you do. I love my business because it gives me the chance to meet a lot of great people. I may start the job as your contractor, but just like a good friend, I’ll still be around long after the job is finished to help you in every way I can. I’m not just the guy building your home, I’m your neighbor.

I invite you to pull up a chair and discover how we can turn your vision into a reality, in a warm and friendly environment that transforms the building experience into a treasured memory.

Welcome home!

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